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Tech Surge

Elijah Jumper, C'26

Nvidia stock skyrocketed this week

Greetings everybody! This week in finance kept a similar theme in that it was eventful. We’ll talk about a few of these events that made it a fun week in finance.

Firstly, the investment club had their bi-weekly meeting at the Mount. This week’s meeting was helpful in that it allowed us to talk about a few important decisions we wanted to make in terms of our mock portfolio. A mock portfolio is a place where a person or group can keep track of all their investments, although there is no real money put into it. It serves as a practice for investing, or for experienced investors who would like to make different investments to see how they’d work out, without risking any real money.

In our discussion with the mock portfolio, we were discussing whether to stay invested in one company or sell a fraction of our shares to place in another investment. The discussion was backed by a few different perspectives and reasons. First, the company the club is currently invested in is trading at a very high price and there have already been significant returns from the investment. The discussion turned towards whether we wanted, as a club, to stay in the company and see if it would continue raising or sell shares and go to a safer investment.

From there, the club analyzed a few different options for where we could invest the cash made if we did sell shares of the company. Looking to safer, more diversified options, we decided to look at ETFs. There were a few that stood out as good options that met all our goals. The ETFs were diversified and helped to limit the risk of losses. After discussing everything, we leaned towards the option to sell a portion of our shares in the company and to invest in a sector-based ETF. All in all, the meeting was helpful in that it offers insight into different variables that can apply to managing a portfolio. Additionally, being around finance discussions always improves your understanding of the topic.

Looking outward into the world, there was one event that happened in finance this week that took the light. The tech company Nvidia released their quarterly earnings report. Many investors anticipate and analyze quarterly earnings reports to see how a company is doing financially and to see if they’re following along with what they say. Nvidia’s report was very impressive and sprung a huge frenzy among investors. This led to an almost $100 increase in its share price and increased the stock markets prices as a whole. The frenzy around Nvidia could even be correlated to a rise in the stock market in Europe. I think this event shows how strong the technology sector is and how artificial intelligence is still a huge topic and investment for the future. It’s an exciting time for finance and especially for technology companies.

Looking forward to picking back up after spring break and talking more about finance!

Elijah Jumper, C'26