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Accounting Major Counts Beats

Michael Hershey
Graduate Assistant, College of Liberal Arts

Mardi Gras concert

Sage Brown, in the front row at right, is colorfully attired for the Mardi Gras concert.

Sophomore Sage Brown is studying accounting with a minor in criminal justice to set her up to be a forensic accountant. But when she isn’t thinking about busting down doors to see who is cooking the books, she loves to unwind by listening to and playing music. “A lot of people think of music as an extracurricular. Not me. I build the rest of my schedule around band!” she confessed.

music-2024-in-text.jpgBrown has been in many music groups, playing the alto saxophone in marching, jazz, concert and big bands for 10 years. She discovered her love for the baritone saxophone in the last three years.

Jazz music is her favorite, so she prefers the spring semester when Associate Professor of Music and Band Director Mark Carlson, DMA, focuses more on big band sets rather than concert spaces. “As much as I love regular ensemble music in the fall, I really enjoy groovy music,” she said with a laugh. That does not mean she shies away from any other performances. She fondly recalls the John Williams concert she played in Fall 2023, featuring selections from Star Wars, Harry Potter and 1941. “It was so cool playing through; I saw kids dancing in the crowd and it was really great,” she exclaimed.

In the Spring of 2023, Brown took a semester off classes, but that break did not separate her from good old Terry (Terry the Bari, her endearing name for her instrument). Living in Montgomery County, she commuted over an hour to the Mount to kick off her weekend with Friday evening rehearsal every week so she could play in the band as a community member.

Brown credits much of her involvement in the band to Carlson. “(His) mentorship and encouraging me to try different groups opened my eyes to a lot of things,” she explained. Now that she is back on campus as a full-time student, she has plunged right back into Mount life and handles communications for the Mount Music Society, managing the Society’s social media, poster creation and publicity of the Open Mic Nights and Listening Parties the club hosts.

The Visual and Performing Arts Department seeks to foster students’ growth as artists alongside their majors and minors. Not everyone can make a living out of music, but everyone can have a life that is musical!

Michael Hershey
Graduate Assistant, College of Liberal Arts