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Earnings Season

Elijah Jumper, C'26

Nike logo

Greetings all! Before we leave for Easter break, I have one more blog post to put out to recap the previous week in finance. In today’s blog post, I’ll cover the popular companies and their stocks: Nike and FedEx. I’ll also be going over the predictions for the Federal Reserve and big news from Boeing.

First, Nike and FedEx, two very well-known companies across the world, released their quarterly earnings report. Earnings reports are important to many investors as they indicate how the company is doing internally and if the company is still growing. Nike reported a flat earnings report, with no rise in earnings but no decline. This could be inline with the decrease in consumer consumption as of recently. Ironically, FedEx reported their quarterly earnings and saw a rise, even with lower demand of goods. The rise reported on FedEx’s quarterly earnings report gave way to a rise in their stock price.

Moving onto this week’s next topic, many are looking for the Federal Reserve to start dropping interest rates at some point this summer. This is significant in that the interest rates put out by the Federal Reserve affect many cash lending options, such as CDs (certificate of deposits) and bonds. Because the interest rates affect these investment options, many investors are loading up on bonds right now, while their premium is higher. A bonds premium is like the return associated with stocks. Bonds are a significant investment tool for many, so an influx is buying bonds can affect other parts of the overall market. I think the Federal Reserve will decrease their interest rates at some point in the coming months, but I’m not sure exactly when. So, I think it is a smart move to load up on bonds now, if you’re investment strategy aligns with a less volatile approach.

The final topic for the week is an important one, especially for those that are invested in the company Boeing. Boeing is the largest aerospace company in the world and is responsible for producing a vast amount of the planes everybody flies on. Dave Calhoun, the CEO of Boeing, just recently announced he would be stepping down as CEO of the company. This is very important, as news surrounding the CEO of a company is always important, but even more so in this case with the recent troubles Boeing has been going through. Production drops and multiple accidents in the previous year have led to stress on the CEO and a significant drop in the company’s stock price. After the announcement of Calhoun’s resignation, stock prices for the company rose. That exhibits the approval of the move by investors.

As always, I hope this blog post was beneficial and informative. Have a good Easter Break!

Elijah Jumper, C'26