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Going on Break

Emelie Beckman, C'25

Spring has arrived to the Mount

Breaks are times for relaxation and maybe sometimes catching up. At least for most students. Obviously, when we go on summer or winter break (the times I usually fly home) I am relieved like most college students to spend some time off of sports and school. However, for shorter breaks, like Easter, I always walk around with a strong sense of anxiety heading into it.

Why is that you might wonder. Well, I guess if one is an athlete forced to stay on campus during breaks one could relate, but many international students as well have to stay due to the expenses of traveling overseas. During breaks no longer than a week it is simply not worth the cost. Hence I never cut a break from this environment, which isn’t too bad since I like my dorm and the campus, however many don't realize how difficult it is to live on this campus once it transforms, in a sense, into a ghost town.

The primary issue that usually causes anxiety for me is food. Patriot closes over break and I live in Terrace, which means I don’t have access to a kitchen. What usually ends up happening is that a coach can take me and my teammates to a grocery store, and we end up buying microwave food. Of course, it works, but as an athlete, it makes it difficult to find nutritious options.

Then there is all the downtime. During breaks most get to enjoy their free time with friends and family. But when you stay on campus you have to find other things to fill your time. Since I am an international student I don’t have a car (although I am in the process of trying to find one cause circumstances have shown that it feels necessary) so I can’t leave campus to do stuff. I am a very active person by nature so usually having this much downtime kills me. However, I have learned how to make use of it and now a year and a half after moving to the Mount, I feel like I can make time pass during these breaks. I usually catch up on homework obviously, and I try to read however I often end up watching Netflix if I’m being honest. During my first fall break here, I knew no one who stayed on campus so I spent the entire week practicing and watching 4 entire seasons of American Horror Story, and it was kind of nice not going to lie. However, I have found that walking around and exploring the area nearby is also quite nice. Additionally, last fall I attempted to pick up some tennis skills, and I can conclude that I should stick to pole vaulting for sure. But it was fun to try especially when I had the time to do it.

So, breaks on campus are what they are. But there are ways to fill the time and concluding all I can say is that the quality of your breaks stuck on campus are determined by the effort you put into filling your time and your creativity.

Swedish Lesson of the Week:

Easter - Påsk

Break - Lov

Microwave food is not great - Microvågsmat är inte bra

I desperately wish I was good at tennis, but I suck - Jag önskar desperat att jag var bra på tennis, men jag suger

Emelie Beckman, C'25