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The Future of Finance

Elijah Jumper, C'26

The next investment club will take place on 3/27

Hello all! This week in finance had some big events happening across the entire sector. In this week’s blog I’ll briefly discuss the investment club meeting that takes place biweekly and oil prices. The new topics should give a good shakeup and expose some to new financial trends outside of the usually talked about stock market.

Firstly, the investment club held their biweekly meeting this past Wednesday. The meeting was a great one in that there is a clear plan for where the club wants to move forward, and there were great discussions that took place. Each meeting has a discussion around the portfolio and gives people in the meeting a chance to give insight into what moves should be made in the portfolio. After the portfolio was discussed and made notes of what to track for the next meeting, the group moved into relevant financial discussions. A great part of the club is that the discussion is very broad and open to anything. This week, we held discussions involving crypto and what we think will happen in the energy sector in the coming years.

I found the discussions to be very informative and I think each person in the meeting left with something they may not have known before. On the topic of crypto, we discussed in depth its volatility and the increase in acceptance of the digital currency. Because it is a relatively newer investment and since its digital, many investors have been skeptical of it. Although, there seems to be a widening sense of acceptance in crypto. This could partly be due to the new ETFs being created in U.S. markets based on crypto currencies. People in attendance of the club also have a discussion on energy and where they see it going in the future. The topic of energy I found to be very interesting as many people had different opinions on it. Some predictions for the future of energy included a world almost made up of almost entirely electric vehicles, oil continuing to be the tycoon it is, and nuclear energy becoming prominent. All in all, the meeting was informative and I’m looking forward to the next meeting the Wednesday right before Easter break!

Moving onto the second topic of this week’s blog post, we’ll talk about oil some. The prices of oil have been rising since the beginning of the year. Oil prices are significant to almost everybody as they do have implications for the price of gas, and oil is sometimes used as a marker to track the future of the economy. Along with the gradual rise in the cost of oil, the production of it has also slowed down. With supply continuing to be cut, I believe the price of oil may continue to rise throughout the year. Cutting the supply of oil is oftentimes seen as a sign that the economy may go into tough times.

That’s all for this week’s blog! Have a great St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

Elijah Jumper, C'26