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Easter Break

Emelie Beckman, C'25

The Great Falls

Let’s just say that Easter Break was something I found very necessary to go on. Not to expose myself but the break was well asked for. I was behind in some classes and my body but more importantly mind really needed a break. In this blog, I am going to cover what my break looked like as an international student who was not able to return home over break.


In my last blog I spoke about how I disliked staying on campus for break, well this time I didn’t have to. After my practice on Wednesday, I packed up a small bag and went to Frederick to stay in my boyfriend’s house.

I woke up early Thursday morning to the sound of Cooper barking downstairs. He’s my boyfriend’s roommate’s Golden Doodle and he’s a sweetheart, but this morning I was too tired. However, Cooper ended up being the hero of the morning since my boyfriend and I would probably have overslept otherwise. With breakfast to go, we hopped into the car. He went to work but dropped me to where I needed to go. I had to get some stuff done in order to get an American license.

Once I retired back to the house I ended up going for coffee with my best friend in Frederick. I wouldn’t say Starbucks is my preference, but their new lavender lattes are too good to be declined. We ended up slurping on our coffee and having a long-needed chat.


This day’s goal was for me to pass the time. My boyfriend was at work and most people I knew were either on campus or occupied. I ended up walking for 40 minutes to get to downtown Frederick where I secured a coffee at a coffee shop. I tried to catch up on homework but I wasn’t very successful (I hope none of my professors are reading this. If you are my professor and are reading this please know that I am a very good reliable student who just happens to get easily distracted in cute cafés). After around an hour I got a text from my boyfriend’s roommate asking if I wanted to get lunch with some friends. So I ended up filling my time pretty well after all.


After a long slow morning, where my boyfriend made a scrumptious Turkish egg, tomato, and cheese mixture, me and my boyfriend packed lunch and went to the Great Falls close to the DC area. The walk was nice and the scenic views of the thundering masses of water were pretty cool. I would recommend you to go.

Turkish Breakfast


For actual Easter Day we spent the day at a friend's house where we had lovely food and a fair amount of baked goodies. We also got to partake in hiding some eggs for the childrens' egg hunt. I loved experiencing what Easter was like in America and happily noticed a lot of similarities with how I grew up celebrating. It made me feel comfortable and secure but also made me miss my home and family a lot.

Great Falls again


On Monday my boyfriend had to work again unfortunately so I was left alone with two dogs in his house. I passed the time by studying at a nearby cafe, taking the dogs for a walk and cleaning up some messes. I got a lot of work done and also had time to rest and prepare for the upcoming week. Later in the evening I returned back to campus. All in all I had a good break that left me well rested.

Swedish Lesson of the Blog:

Easter Break - Påsk Lov

Egg hunt - Ägg jakt

We went to the Great Falls and they were indeed great - Vi åkte till de stora batten fallen och dom va verkligen stora

Dog barks are not my ideal morning alarm - Hundskall är inte mitt idealiska morgonalarm

Emelie Beckman, C'25