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Wrapping Up the Year

Elijah Jumper, C'26

the word finance written on a window

Greetings all! Today’s blog post is my very last one for the semester. I’ll be straying away from the finance-based blog posts I’ve been doing for the semester and instead do a reflection on this semester. This will be a great way to recap everything and close it out.

Firstly, writing blog posts throughout this semester helped me stay very involved with finance. Additionally, the research I was doing for the blog posts often led into deeper research. This greatly aided me in learning more about certain topics. Without the blog posts, I wouldn’t have been able to stay as involved with the newest financial news or learn as much as I did about certain topics.

Along with the personal knowledge I was obtaining, reiterating the topics I was already well-versed in improved. Being able to write about and teach others about something is the best way to truly learn it. That was a great help in understanding the topics on a deeper level.

Above all, writing and publishing the blog posts was a great experience as I hope it was able to help people learn finance better. Financial literacy and understanding the world of finance is something I believe to be extremely important. Especially in today’s world where finance is all around us, the ability to understand what’s going on puts one person at an advantage over another. Hopefully, the blog posts were able to teach at least one person something new.

Thank you all for this semester! I hope the posts were informative and something can be taken away from each. Have a great summer.

Elijah Jumper, C'26