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Student-Athlete Highlight

Undergraduate life can be demanding, especially for those juggling both academics as well as athletics. While some student-athletes can often get overwhelmed trying to manage their time between their school work and their practice, the Mount creates an environment that allows our student-athletes to excel at both.

Julian Woods, C’17, a biochemistry major on the track & field team, discussed the commitment it takes to be a science major and a Division-1 athlete.

Woods says, “luckily for me, The Mounts professors and Coaches are absolutely concerned with graduating exceptional human beings.”

There is a concern for any student-athlete when choosing a college on the importance of both academics and athletics. Woods addresses those concerns saying, “due to the support networks I had in both of my endeavors, I have been able to succeed in both.”

Woods has recently been accepted to University of Maryland Dental School.

Life does not end at practice and class for a science major student-athlete, as they are encouraged to conduct research during their time at the Mount. This research has proven to be both an excellent experience for students, as well as providing them excellent opportunities for them moving forward in their academic and professional careers.