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Dublin, In Their Own Words

Kaitlyn Heintzelman, Caroline Walsh, and Katherine Stohlman participated in the Mount's summer study abroad program in Dublin this past semester and shared their experience:

“What stood out to me was not just the places I got to visit–though they were life-altering–but the people I experienced these precious moments with. These were my fellow Mount students, most of whom I had never even met before. They suddenly became my home and they became my strength when we got lost in Edinburgh, or when we were stranded in Pisa for 24 hours. They were my support when I traveled across the length of Ireland three times because I was determined to climb Croagh Patrick, even though the weather would not permit us to share in my joy when I finally accomplished it.

Everyone in Dublin had a laugh every time Professor Egan came to class with a new story about meeting someone in Dublin who was in some way connected to Mount St. Mary’s University. The last thing any of us ever expected was to find a connection between our Mount home and Ireland. But as Professor Egan reminded us incessantly, ‘Mounties are everywhere.’ And although Dublin touched each one of us in unimaginable ways, we also left our lasting Mount-mark on Dublin. Much to my surprise, being fearless in Dublin was the easiest thing I’ve ever done.” –Kaitlyn Heintzleman

“Studying abroad is unlike any other experience I have encountered at the Mount. The opportunity to immerse oneself completely in a different culture for a span of several months is an extremely unique opportunity. By making the decision to study abroad, you open yourself up to countless new experiences and gain a deep appreciation for cultures besides your own. With trips such as mine to Ireland, you’re given the opportunity to not only familiarize yourself with where you are staying, but to broaden your horizons even more, by traveling all over.

Studying abroad in Ireland was the most enriching experience I have ever had. I urge anyone with the slightest inclination to take the leap of faith and study abroad as well. In doing so, you will push yourself outside of your comfort zone and experience the beauty of other parts of the world. Studying abroad also gives you a whole new family of Mount students and faculty with which you share amazing experiences in another country. From ferry trips to the Aran Islands, to jumping in a bog, the bond you form with those around you, who also recognize the beauty of the culture you are experiencing, is extremely special.” –Caroline Walsh

“Living and studying in Dublin was a very different experience than living and studying on campus at the Mount. Gone were the dorms in the rural setting; we lived in apartments right in the city. We only had class three days a week, and we walked nearly a half hour to get there. Lunch was often eaten in restaurants with friends. And weekends were spent on trips to other parts of Ireland or Europe. Looking back, it sounds like an exciting, glamorous way to live. It was! This is thanks to the unique study abroad program at the Mount and the help of our wonderful trip leader, Prof. Egan. This past semester was as exciting and full of opportunities as it was due to Prof. Egan’s support and encouragement.

Because of the way the studying abroad program at the Mount is structured, it gave us the freedom and time to travel, live in apartments in the heart of downtown, and experience as much culture as we could. By offering a set of core classes related to Irish history and literature, the Mount helped bring Irish culture to life. The knowledge we learned in the classroom became immediate and relevant as we explored Ireland. The faculty at the Mount did everything they could to make this semester amazing and ensure no one would fall off the track toward graduation in the process. I learned and experienced so much this semester, not least of which was that Mount St. Mary’s University truly does function like a loving, helpful community.” –Katherine Stohlman

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