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Mount Senior Makes The Most of Her Minutes

The key to productivity is becoming a “master of minutes.” Mount St. Mary’s University senior Rachael Tubbs, is a prime example. Between finishing up assignments, preparing for finals week, presenting her Senior Research Project on FEMA, and getting ready to head home to spend Christmas with her family, this Psychology major and double minor in Criminal Justice and Spanish already has a full plate, and that’s before factoring in the numerous other activities that require her time and effort, both at school and outside of the Mount.

One look at Rachael’s email signature indicates just how much she loves the Mount. She is a Mount Admissions Coordinator, where she oversees 65 student volunteers acting as the liaison between them and the admissions department. The position also requires her to oversee all admissions events, such as open houses and accepted students’ day.

Since freshman year, Rachael has been a member of the Psychology Club. She now serves as President where she works with the psychology department to plan stress free events for students to attend, like movie nights or craft get-togethers.

To fulfill her passion for criminal justice, Rachael is a member of the Criminal Justice Student Association (CJSA). For the club, she took up the role of being the Delaney Dinner Project Manager. The Association puts on this event for Criminal Justice and Psychology majors only, as a marketing night. As project manager, Rachael helps to find a guest speaker to give a presentation on their field of work as well as attend a formal dinner with the students and other honorable guests from government agencies and local officials. She works to arrange the dinner seating chart so students may sit with those in the field of work they wish to pursue. Besides this, Rachael is also the Criminal Justice Talks Project Manager for CJSA, where she coordinates the search for guest speakers to speak about their line of work to students in the Mount café on multiple occasions throughout the school year. On top of all this, she is also a member of the School of Natural Science and Mathematics Student Advisory Board, as well as Secretary of the Senior Class Gift Committee.

The amount of on campus activities in which Rachael participates is clearly impressive. However, she is also extremely involved outside of the Mount. This past summer, Rachael took part in two separate internships. The first was a three-week, unpaid internship with the Frederick Police Department, where Rachael was asked to revamp the recruitment process. The department recognized that people were signing up to join the department but were not passing the test. Rachael examined the recruitment processes of different industries, like college football teams. Her discoveries showed that the police department should target recent high school or college graduates looking to work as both officers and analysts. She also advised them to recruit people looking for a second career job, like retired military personnel.

The second internship Rachael participated in this past summer was with a small, family-owned financial firm, The Kelly Group, located in Hartford County, where she served as a paid behavioral economics intern. This summer-long internship had Rachael create a presentation that could be used by the financial planners within the company to share with clients. The presentation took a deeper look into cognitive biases and how they affect an individual’s buying habits and investing decisions. Rachael discovered that the stock market fluctuates because of these biases.

All of those activities and internships would wear down even the average person, but Rachael has done even more with her free time. Throughout this Fall semester, Rachael has been working on two additional internships in the political realm. She is currently participating in an unpaid internship working on the re-election campaign for the Governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan. Rachael takes part in strategy meetings with people willing to help with the campaign. This internship, which will last through graduation, could lead to Rachael getting promoted out of the campaign and into the office in Annapolis.

Additionally, at the end of September, Rachael accepted the role of an unpaid Campaign Manager for James Dvorak, who is running for Maryland State Delegate for 03A. Campaigns for delegates who are running for the first time can get rather hectic, therefore Rachael has taken on the responsibility of making sure that everything runs smoothly. She partakes in a lot of organizing, planning of functions, advertising, and formulating ways that Mr. Dvorak can interact with the community in order to get support and donations. Recently, Rachael recruited a fellow Mount student to help with fundraising efforts, and she is looking for others to also donate their time in support of the campaign.

Rachael clearly is an extremely busy person. Her time is quite valuable, and she makes sure to get the most out of every minute of her day. With graduation just around the corner, Rachael is starting to look at all her options once she receives her degree. Currently she is deciding between looking for a job working in the government, preferably with a government agency, or attending a graduate school, where she would pursue a master’s degree in forensic psychology. Whichever direction Rachael decides to follow, she will surely continue to make the most of every minute of every day, and the School of Natural Science and Mathematics is extremely proud of everything she has accomplished thus far.