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Student Spotlight: Tahreem Fayiz

My name is Tahreem Fayiz and I am currently a junior studying International Studies and Music. I like to chase trains and jump on clouds in my free time. On a serious note however, much of my free time is split between work for the Admissions Office and practicing music.

tahreem-fayiz-1.jpgOn any big Admissions day, you will probably catch me early in the morning with set-up or late in the day with clean-up. I am one of three current coordinators for the Ambassador program on campus, which is our tour guide program. It has been so much fun working with everyone in the office from Trina Crum at the front desk to our newest Assistant Director, Lara Truitt.
"Tahreem is such a joy to have in class. She is always engaged and eager to help other students learn." -Dr. William Collinge, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Theology
However, most people know me because of music – from playing flute for the Chapel Choir to percussion in the Wind Ensemble to flute/piccolo in the Pep Band to percussion in the Percussion Ensemble. You will probably catch me in the context of music on any given day. Even though I am not the world’s greatest musician – although I wish I was – I can still show the versatility of the musical abilities I have. The Mount has helped me greatly in cultivating my versatility. The music program is one thing I absolutely love about the Mount.
Much of the cultivation of my musical versatility can and should be credited to one of my advisors, Dr. Mark Carlson in the Department of Visual and Performing Arts. The entire department, but especially Dr. Carlson, has been incredibly helpful and supportive of me since the day I stepped foot on this campus. He understood from the start that I am not the best percussionist, and he encouraged me to still try anyway. Who knew trying would lead to improvement? Dr. Carlson has also been supportive of any type of activity I do regardless of whether or not if it is music-related. I honestly would not be a student leader, an improving musician, or even be asked to write this Spotlight if it were not for his encouragement and support.
"Tahreem is simply one of the most exceptional individuals I have ever met. She is a visionary leader who contributes to everyone she interacts with."
-Dr. Mark Carlson, Associate Professor of Visual and Performing Arts
I am still unsure exactly of where I am heading, but I do know that in the immediate future I want to work in higher education student affairs. My experience with the faculty and the staff at the Mount pushes me to be a better person and encourages me to continue whatever strange endeavor I seek out to do. I want to return this favor to students and help them also shape themselves and their characters in the same way the Mount has shaped me.