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Talk Yourself Up

Imagine that you are on an elevator with a potential employer. You have about 30 seconds to sell yourself to him/her. In these 30 seconds, you should convey several key points of information about yourself.  Let us examine each one in detail:

  1. Introduce yourself. Say your name, where you attend college, your class year, and major.
  2. Highlight your expertise – this may be accounting, writing, or public speaking, for example.
  3. Relate your prior experience. This can be paid or unpaid, an actual job or a volunteer position. You want to back up your claimed expertise with your prior experience.
  4. Explain your goals and plans for the future.
  5. Answer any questions the potential employer may have for you.
  6. Most importantly, inquire about their career. Use this brief opportunity to turn a stranger into a potential future employer.
Now that you know how to deliver an elevator pitch, you must know how to prepare one. Take out a piece of paper and write down several key facts about yourself following the guide above. Identify the most important facts and organize them into an elevator speech. Practice your elevator speech, record yourself, and deliver it to family and friends to hear their input. The more you practice and perfect your elevator pitch, the better prepared you will be when you talk yourself up with a potential employer.
Need help writing an elevator pitch? Come into the Career Center to meet with a staff member who can walk you through the steps of developing an elevator speech. We will help you sell yourself to potential employers!
It is important to realize that elevator pitches happen everywhere, not just on elevators. They can occur in the grocery store line, at a basketball game, at a holiday party, or even in a doctor’s waiting room. It is important to always be prepared to sell yourself in as little time as possible to make a good first impression. A strongly delivered elevator pitch may be the way that you land an internship or job.