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Perseverance: Key to Success When Graduating Without a Job

Some college students graduate without a job. It is not the end of the world if this happens to you - keep persevering and doing your best to find a job after graduation. Follow these tips to help you find a job post-graduation.

Contact the Career Center! The Career Center not only helps current Mount students, but also offers their services to Mount alumni – for free! Take advantage of their free services and contact them for resume reviews, career counseling, and mock interviews. The staff can also connect you with Mount alumni and other professionals to inquire about job opportunities.

Consider interning at a local business or organization. Internships can lead to full-time jobs and can provide you with great experience nonetheless. Just keep in mind that some internships are only available to students who are currently enrolled in college.

Conduct informational interviews with friends and contacts to learn about their jobs and any available opportunities in their company. Also, inquire if you can shadow them for a day or two. This will allow you to watch professionals up close in their work environment and put yourself in their shoes.

Continue fine-tuning your job searching skills. Bring your resume up to date, update your LinkedIn profile, and practice interviewing.

Apply, apply, apply! Try to get at least 70 resumes and applications out the door and into the hands of employers. While the quality of your application matters, the amount of applications you circulate matters as well. You want to saturate the market with your resume as much as possible.

Consider working with a temporary staffing agency. Many people are offered full-time jobs as a result of temping. Even if you aren’t offered a job, you can learn a lot about the company where you’re working and determine if it would be a good fit for you.

Don’t take the summer off. This will only put you behind in your job search. Find a job at a local grocery store or restaurant to make some money. Stay busy doing something unique to further build your experience and background. Keep your eyes and ears open for any potential job opportunities in your area.

Be patient. It may take some time to find a job, and that is perfectly all right. Use the free time that you have to decompress after your four-year college adventure and prepare for your future.

Don’t be discouraged or panicked if everyone around you seems to have a job. Everything will work out!

The most important thing to do if you graduate without a job is to persevere! Do your best to improve your job searching skills and apply to as many open positions as possible. Reach out to the Career Center for assistance – they will help you!