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How to Register an Internship for Credit

Congratulations! You’ve been offered an internship position for the upcoming spring semester. If you would like to register your internship for academic credit, you may do so by following the next steps.

Begin your internship registration by completing the Career Center’s Learning Agreement process. This process ensures that you are prepared for the requirements of your internship and communicates how many internship credits you would like to register for your time onsite. The process begins by filling out the Learning Agreement form, which can be found at or on MountHired within the “Resources” section.

On the Learning Agreement form, you will read about eligibility requirements for registering an internship for credit, credit considerations and internship requirements. The following page of the form provides the course codes for internships specific to each academic department. When registering your internship, these course codes will be recorded on your transcript.

You will need to pick a faculty sponsor, who acts in a role similar to an instructor to monitor your internship progress. This faculty member should be a member of the department in which you plan to gain the credit for your internship. Once you have selected a sponsor, you can begin filling out the rest of the Learning Agreement.

The Learning Agreement form needs to be filled out to complete your registration. Include your student information, internship site information and internship description/learning objectives on the first page. It is smart to fill out this information before asking your site supervisor and faculty sponsor to sign your Learning Agreement. This way, these individuals will have a better understanding of what exactly your internship will entail, and how you will use the knowledge taught in your department to enhance your internship experience. These items can also be completed together with a site supervisor and faculty sponsor to confirm accuracy and expectations.

Once your site supervisor and faculty sponsor have filled out and signed your Learning Agreement, you will also need to sign the ‘Student Agreement’ section. Have your department chair read over your agreement and sign it before submitting it to the Career Center for final review. Career Center staff will review your Learning Agreement and submit your registration to the Office of the Registrar.

You must complete the Internship Learning Agreement prior to the start of your internship if you would like to earn credit for your experience. The form will be accepted for spring 2019 until January 17.

To register an internship for credit, students must have a GPA or 2.5 or higher, must meet department prerequisites, cannot be on academic or disciplinary probation and must have already earned a minimum of 45 credits.

For more information about how to register an internship for credit, please contact the Career Center at, schedule an appointment online or feel free to stop by the Career Center in McGowan Suite 240.